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Holy Toledo

This design was created with Filipe’s input. He envisioned a design that could generate maximum speed in order to enhance his aerial repertoire. We started from the Game Changer design which he already liked a lot, and modified the last half of the outline making it narrower and pulling in the tail. We then increased the tail rocker and added a pronounced single concave under the back foot. The thickness was increased in the nose and under the chest area while the rails were lowered. The results were immediately noticeable. Filipe won first place at the US Open and also won first place at the six-star O’Neill Sao Paulo Prime in Brazil with a stellar performance riding the Holy Toledo prototype.

Price: $850.00
The O.K. Model

Designed with Oliver Kurtz’s input, this model is an all-around short board made for progressive, above-the-lip surfing. This design has a high entry, continuous rocker, forward foil, deep single concave, and a massive amount of tail rocker which allows the rider to perform very tight turns in the pocket. This board has tons of drive and is recommended for intermediate to advanced surfers. A lot of our team rides the OK as their go-to model when the waves are good.

Price: $850.00
Disco Inferno

This is for you, Disco lover!
The Disco Inferno is a Disco model adjusted to handle better waves. We kept a similar bottom configuration and rocker as the Disco with some added minor changes to increase the drive and control in larger surf. The Disco Inferno should be ordered 1-2 inches shorter than your regular short board.

Price: $850.00