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The Spud

Out of all our tried and tested models, the best seller is the Spud. The Spud’s design has been proven to be one of the most responsive and forgiving boards in our entire line up. The Spud has it all and a bag of chips. It has all the width and volume pushed up the outline and placed right under your chest for ultimate paddling power, getting you into waves earlier and faster. The tail is pulled in so you can still snap fast tight turns on any part of the wave no matter how fast your going. The Spud has a single concave under your front foot and fading flat off the tail while keeping slight rocker flip in the rail. It comes with medium rails and a medium-high entry rocker. Recommended with a squash tail or round tail. Works as a tri fin or quad. The Spud is an all around go to board. If you needed to choose one board and only one, The Spud would be the choice.

Price: $850.00
The Scorpion

The Scorpion is another new “horse” in our stable and is only a couple chromosomes different than the Spud. Timmy designed the Scorpion to be incredibly fast and responsive. The medium-low entry rocker leads to single deep concave and eventually ends with slight vee off the tail to ensure that this board rides at lightning speeds. The wide point is moved forward and pulled in tail that allows for quick power turns anywhere on a wave. The rails are medium and volume is distributed evenly for paddling power. This board is meant to be put on rail at fast speeds without hesitation. The Scorpion works best in waves waist high to a little overhead. This model comes as a swallow tail and can be ridden as a tri or quad.

Price: $850.00
The Rising Sun

When it comes to high performance and progressive design, the Rising Sun is all of that and much more. This board is designed to generate maximum speed out of every wave and every turn. The wide point is pushed further up the board but we were still able to pull in the nose just a little bit allowing the board to drive in and out of turns without compromising speed. The Rising Sun is designed with lots of volume, fuller outline, and a fuller double wing round tail. The Rising Sun has a flat deck that slowly creeps into a semi turned down rail and has a slight double concave to vee off the tail, The Rising Sun has a medium entry rocker and slight kick in the tail for ultimate high performance. This board was originally designed for a twin fin and small trailer fin in mind but works unbelievably awesome in a tri or quad fin set up. Make no mistake about it, the Rising Sun will be a “go to” board for any serious surfer.

Price: $850.00

The IT-15 model is a high performance model developed for the WCT surfer Italo Ferreira.
Shaped with a well-balanced outline that foils into a fuller wider nose creating excellent stability upon returning from extreme maneuvers. We keep a sharp edge around the curve of the tail, which allows maximum control through out any type of maneuver. This boards bottom come standard with a slight single concave that runs from nose to tail. Ridden best with a squash tail but also works very well with a round tail or swallow tail to accommodate waves from anywhere in the world. We can put together this board in many different sizes to accommodate any customer his or her own Magic Italo model.

Price: $850.00